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Achieving results by understanding technologies

Materials handling- Crushing and screening

We manage quick efficient start-ups with our own well maintained crushing and screening equipment fleet. We select the right equipment and ensure it's operated to maximum capacity by expertly trained, well qualified operators.

Plant Design, Installation, Commissioning and Operation and Optimization

CoalMin take everything required for a successful project into account. Solutions are designed to enhance your mineral processing plant productivity and profitability. This is often achieved simply by having your mineral processing and bulk material handling equipment performing optimally. CoalMin reviews process flows from an operational perspective to identify where innovations may advance product quality, plant integrity and employee safety.

Green Processes Solutions

We are proud of our New Eco-Plant. As a water-only process plant, it eliminates the need for the use of harmful chemicals and efficiently enables our clients to beneficiate material previously intended for slimes dam or rehabilitation.

Depending on the client specific needs, dry or water only process are utilised to provide a solution. Dry processing (eliminating the need to use water and reagents) for coarse particles provides a low cost operating solution.

Reclaiming value from tailings

Current technologies are unable to beneficiate very fine material efficiently. This results in high losses of valuable material to final plant tails. CoalMin has developed processes to recover valuable material from waste streams - thereby increasing production yield and the lifespan of the slimes dam as well as reducing environmental impact and rehabilitation costs.

Feasibility study

On every new project we automatically provide a full feasibility study to evaluate the equipment, technologies, processes and people that will be required for a successful project. This value added part of our service offering is crucial to achieving optimal results.

Fines Beneficiation

We achieve results because we understand different fines beneficiation technologies such as spirals, classifiers, cyclones, shaking tables, magnetic separators, screens and filters. However, in order to minimise the cost of infrastructure,  new cost effective and efficient beneficiation techniques and technologies are always being sought after. This enables us to achieve high capacity processing, low operating costs; better compatibility and maintainability of equipment; easy access to operational and critical spares and enhances our after sales support.

Process Optimisation
  • Evaluate operation plant performance
  • Perform rigorous test work to produce practical and cost effective process solutions
  • Propose strategy to increase productivity, improve workflow and streamline production
  • Process adequacy, methods and techniques are applied in practice

Customised Services

Comprehensive, customised services to meet every mandate!

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