Niche Applications

Coalmin expertise optimises services for Iron ore, Coal, Chromite & Ferro metal plants

Coalmin offer a comprehensive range of plant processing technologies and services to cover every aspect of mining waste recovery - 
These include:

Coal from slimes

This service creates value from of an environmental liability. Our unique Eco-Plant® process has enabled us to recover export quality coal from slimes dams/thickener underflows and dewater to meet moisture requirements.  This means material previously intended for a slimes dam or rehabilitation is now recoverable to be used as high quality, re-saleable products through our cost effective and environmentally conscious process. Additional benefits are that through a water only process, no chemicals return to the environment and the size of the dam can be reduced while its longevity is increased. 

Chromite Foundry Sand Production

Coalmin has commissioned plants that contribute up to 90,000 tons to foundry sand production per month in South Africa. This has compelled us to develop a stand-alone foundry sand processing facility.

Ferrochrome from slag

Our mastered application FerroWash® process plant has been developed to consistently produce a Ferro-product with a maximum 2.5% slag content.


Our modular Eco-dry® dewatering plant has been developed to dewater ultra-fine material (50 microns) which makes for easier materials handling using a front-end loader.

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